Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Story Suspended

Late this summer my game did what our beloved TS3 does, and required a complete uninstall. My save files would no longer load after I reinstalled the game, and I have no desire to restart this story. Thanks to all who have viewed the story--I will let you know if I decide to start something new.

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Chapter 10: A Decent Proposal

I took Candy to Sunset Valley Gallery of Modern Art for
our date. She looked so beautiul...she always takes my
breath away. Tonight, knowing the stakes, I was
nervous as I gazed upon her beauty. "Candy, since
the first moment we met there has been something
powerful and undeniable between us. I know you
feel it, too. I have fallen in love with you! I have waited
for you to finish your studies, but...
I can't wait any longer!"
I paused, so aware of her...aware of her breath...
her smell...and then the taste of her lips on mine.
As the kiss ended she ran her fingers through my hair.
"I love you, Dan." She whispered it softly, breathless
from our first kiss.
I knelt then prepared to give her everything that I had
and everything that I am, forever.
I pulled the ring from my pocket...a family heirloom
passed down through generations.
Candy's wide-eyed expression told me she wasn't
expecting this. I hoped it wasn't too soon.

"My sweet, lovely Candy, will you make me the happiest
of men?"

"Will you consent to be my wife?"
As I opened the box, showing her my offering of love
her wide-eyed expression grew to disbelief. Her hands
covered her mouth and muffled her squeal.
"Dan, it''s...oh..."
"Do you like it?"
"The ring is beautiful, but it pales in comparison to you
my love. It is very old--given by my great-great-great-
grandfather to his bride."
"May I place it upon your finger? Will you accept it?"
She held out her dainty hand and I slid the ring on her
slender finger.
It fit perfectly as though it had been made for her and
her alone.
As I stood and held out my arms, offering myself to her
I was afraid for a moment...she looked at the gleeming
stone on her hand, considering it...considering me. She
looked into my eyes and smiled tenderly,
falling against me. I pulled her close and
joy flooded my body.

"Yes, Dan! Yes, I'll marry you!"

Monday, July 4, 2011

Chapter 9: These Feet Are Made for Walking

"Roland! You're all grown up now, aren't you buddy!"
"In honor of your birthday--I present you with...
'The CLAW!' " Roland laughed hysterically as I tickled
his belly with my claw hand. I laughed, too.
"I think it's time you learn to stand on your own two
feet. Be a man, little man!"
He stood up on wobbly legs and struggled for balance.
I have to admit, the kids catches on quick!
It took several tries, but eventually he took a few steps...
...and then a few more...
...until he fell into my arms. I was so proud of him!
He was pretty proud of himself, too. I think he knew
he had done something really special, because
he beamed down at me as I tossed him into the air.
Too bad all of that "tossing" made him
toss his birthday cake right into my face! Yuck!

Sunday, July 3, 2011

Chapter 8: Party On!

Dan's arrival relieved Allie and Jake's worries regarding
the amount of time I was spending alone. He was
always by my side--and I didn't mind a bit. He took
to standing nearby and watching me paint, giving me
tips on color and such. I found his constructive
criticism quite helpful.
He helped me with my schoolwork most evenings as
well. It was somewhat un-nerving as I found it
difficult to concentrate at times with him so near. There
had been no more overt flirting since that night of
stargazing, but sometimes I could feel him looking at
me. I wondered if the attraction I felt  between
us that night when we were stargazing was
my imagination. Then I would feel his gaze upon
me and I knew--it was real.
Dan didn't only spend time with me, though. He helped
all of us kids with our work, freeing Allie up to
take care of little Roland. Jake was still working on
upgrades to our appliances, electronics and plumbing,
so that left him little time for anything else. What
time he had left was spent with Roland, and I
don't blame him for that one bit. The little guy was
growing so quickly, and before we knew it he
was ready for his birthday.
As the newest member of the family, Allie and Jake
agreed that Dan should bring Roland to his cake and
help him blow out the candles. I thought it was a sweet
gesture, and you could tell by the look on his face
that Dan was honored. He really had grown quite
attached to the little guy. We all had!
Soon enough, Roland was surronded by the sparkles of
aging, and became a full-fledged toddler.
Jake couldn't wait to pick the little one up and give him
a big squeeze. Roland snuggled into his shoulder
and squeezed him back. It was a lovely moment.
As it happened, my birthday fell on the same day as
Roland's. Dan was the first one to start cheering.
I supressed a laugh--he was very eager to see me age-up.
Eventually the rest of the family joined him in cheering.
Hearing all of those party horns and everyone's good
wishes touched my heart. Even when my family was
around, I never had such a joyous celebration. I had
always spent my birthdays alone.

I made my wish and blew out my candles, for the first
time surrounded by people who loved me.

After enjoying a slice of cake, Jake turned on the stereo
and we all danced. The upgrades he made to improve
the speakers of the stereo system made the music
even more enjoyable than usual--or maybe it was
my dance partner. Dan is a very proficient dancer
from all of the experience he gained  in his job back
 in France. He taught me all of the moves he
learned dancing in clubs back in his homeland.

Jake and Allie watched us, and tried to follow along.
It was hard not to laugh! I'm not sure either of them
had ever danced before.

Everyone had a great time joking, playing and dancing
long into the night. It was a great party!

Of course we all got tired and it was time to head to bed.
Dan came over to me, I thought to say good-night, and
was surprised when he asked if we could sit and 
talk for a bit before heading to bed.

He put his arm around me as we sat. Gone was 
the pretense of a friendly discussion. He explained that
he had decided to cool things off between us until I
grew out of my teen years. He didn't want to offend
Allie and Jake by pursuing a relationship with me
when I was so much younger than he. He told me he
was so attracted to me, that the night we spent under
the stars had taken more than a bit of restraint.
Before heading to bed, he presented me with a lovely
vase of red roses. He asked if he could take me out
after my graduation ceremony the next day to
celebrate, and be alone together. My pulse was
racing by the time I climbed the stairs to my room.
I got very little sleep!
Eventhough the Capital Building had been sitting empty
since the disappearances, we still went down there to
celebrate my graduation. We found the caps and gowns
in a little room off of the main foyer. Jake played emcee
and announced my name over the P.A. system. I don't
know how they managed to get such an official looking
transcript and diploma for me since the school had closed
down weeks ago, but I was thrilled when he handed
it to me. I was voted "Most Artistic" in my class
(Yes, I voted for myself!) After the ceremony Allie
presented me with the keys to the car I had learned
to drive in. We rode home in it and I hurried straight
to my room to get ready for my date with Dan.

Saturday, July 2, 2011

Chapter 7: My Sweet Candy

"Candy! It's about time you joined us out here. You are
going to love Dan--I can already tell you two have a lot in
 common. Will you let me introduce you?"

"Candy, this is Dan Anadda from Champs Les
Sims, France. Candy had dreams of becoming
an actor prior to the disappearances, Dan."

"Really? Wow! I working as a dancer, but had always
dreamed a career in the film industry. I had hoped to
work my way into directing."  Dan and I talked about
so many things tonight, it makes my head swim
to think of it. Actually, Dan had my head swimming
all night long. I kept getting lost in his smokey gray eyes.

Davy was right, we really do have a lot in common.
We realized quickly that we are both charmers.
Dan was quite popular as a dancer back in France,
and knew many people. He had gotten very good at
reading expressions and said he would teach me some of
the basics of commication that he learned in his
study of body language. Anything to do with Dan's
body sounded good to me. Wow--that sounds so...

...anyway...I wasn't the only one interested in something
beyond casual chit-chat on the sidewalk. Dan flirted with
me a little, and told me that we have strong chemistry.
I admit I am inexperienced, but I believe it. It felt at times
like there was a magnet pulling me toward him.
Whatever reaction was going on was certainly
producing some heat!
Knowing that I would age up in a few days and hadn't
learned to drive, I decided to ask Dan for some lessons.
Going for a drive would also give me a chance
to show Dan around town a little. Sunset Valley is
 a quiet place now, but there are still plenty of places
to go, and things to do. Jake was hesitant to let me go
 at first, and I guess I can understand why. Just because
Dan is the only eligible man left in world doesn't mean
that he isn't a psycho killer! Allie eventually stepped in
 and convinced Jake to let us go for a drive. She must
have seen the desperation in my eyes. 
Dan was a patient teacher and was some how able to
chat about the scenery while keeping his mind on my
driving. I probably would have learned faster if I had
kept MY mind on my driving--he was just too close,
and I couldn't concentrate.
I started getting tired of driving and wanted to take
Dan to a special spot that overlooks all of Sunset Valley.
Sim Henge seems magical, and it was the perfect
spot to take him when I was feeling so surrounded by
magic just being with him. Now that it was completely
dark I was sure we would be able to do some stargazing.
The stars overhead were twinkling brightly and lighting
our way as we walked up the hill to the henge.
"I wonder if the constellations look the same here as they
do in Champs Les Sims? Would you allow me to
show you some of the wonders of heaven,
My Sweet Candy?"
I giggled--how could I possibly resist!
We sat down next to one another on the rocky ground.
"Um, Dan? The stars are up there," I said as I pointed to
the inky blackness above us. He insisted that he was
looking upon the brightest star in the known
galaxy. What a sweet talker!
When he did finally decide to point out a constellation
that he had spotted, I took the opportunity to
direct my gaze in his direction. His long black hair
looked so silky that I wanted to reach out and run
my fingers through it. Probably not an appropriate
thing to do with a man I had just met.

Before I knew it, Dan had scooted closer. Our arms
were sort of crossed behind our backs. I could feel the
heat of his arm through my jacket in the cool night air.

After a time I found a star that Davy had pointed out to
me a couple of days ago. I'll have to thank him later!

I took another chance to check out Dan's strong jaw and
beautifully shaped lips. I couldn't help but wonder what
it would feel like to kiss those lips. Is  this what they
call "love at first sight?"

We decided to do a little more driving before we headed
back to the house. Other than giving instructions
about my driving Dan was very quiet.
I wondered what he was thinking of. He seemed lost
in his own thoughts.

Had I done or said something to offend him?

I was surprised by how easy it was to drive a car. Dan
 said I was a quick learner. I reached out to give
him a hug as I expressed my thanks, somewhat
fearful that he would reject the friendly gesture.
But he didn't reject it. Instead he pulled me in closer,
tenderly holding me against his chest. I could feel
his warm breath against my cheek. The muscles of his
back and shoulders rippled under my touch as he
squeezed me gently to him. Whatever thoughts took
him away from me in the car, he was certainly
fully present now! What a glorious night!